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You can leave all of your courier needs to us. We'll handle it with care and in a swift.


Road Haulage Services

With our road haulage services, you can be sure of safe monitoring and care of your product before delivery.


Package Delivery Services

We have a unique advantage that makes our package delivery services the best choice. Try us out.


Cariad's Messengers

We can help you out with all of your express deliveries. Super fast and super reliable.

Need Our Courier Service?

A courier business can be essential to the day-to-day operations of your company.

An experienced courier like CARIADS LOGISTICS SERVICE will work with you to identify the most meaningful aspects of using their service.

They will also speak to you about your expectations and how they can deliver your products or documents in the most efficient way.

Your Product's Safe Delivery Is Our Priority.


Business Scope

Are you considering whether to hire a courier service for your business?

Think no further.

Cariads Logistic Company is well positioned to handle all your courier needs.

Our business scope is expanding but currently covers the following industries :

 1. The Healthcare industry:

A doctor can be saddled with a patient life or death situation or some other health issues.

The Healthcare industry is one that requires Speed and efficiency for the movement of Drugs, Equipment etc thus the need for a reliable and dependable courier service company like Cariads logistics.

2. Printing Companies:

In life, there are certain times or events where time is of the essence and reliable courier service is priceless.

Printing companies requires reliable courier services to ensure they deliver documents on time.

By speaking to Cariads logistics in advance, consider your job done.

This way you can focus on the main event and worry less.

3. Manufacturing Sector:

Using a courier service can make the difference in a manufacturing project.  That’s because there is a potential parts shortage and narrow timeframes to deliver the final product. 

A courier service gets those parts to a manufacturer fast so that they have less downtime on a job.

Reliability & Punctuality

We deliver top-notch service because we understand that our customers deserve the best service possible.

Innovative Logistics

We offer spectrum of services covering cost-efficient and simple end to end integrated logistics and supply chain management.

Customer Support

Our round the clock customer support agents and bots are tuned all day to attend to your needs and request.